What is YSBS?

YSBS Sales Coaching Tool Box

“Yağ Satarıim Bal Satarıim” name comes from a children’s game which is about selling butter and honey.  And YSBS is a sales game where the sales manager helps his/her  sales people to improve their competence and motivation for a better performance. 

Sales Manager is a Coach 

Most team meetings are boring and demotivates people. Especially when the sales numbers are down. It is for the manager to improve the numbers. But, not every manager knows how to coach. YSBS is a tool for the sales managers to improve their team meetings, motivation and competence. 

You Decide The Time and Length of The Training

For many sales people, siting in a class room for hours is more difficult than working. Even managers are reluctant to send their people because of all the work that needs to be done.  YSBS gives the managers the flexibility. They can decide when to use, how long to and the topics to be discussed. 

YSBS equals 60 hours of training

The YSBS set includes a 60 hours of training booklet. Whats more it is a platform where people will share knowledge, experience. It creates an positive competition environment where people learn while they have fun. 

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